PROBLOCK® Interior Oil-Based Primer
5 gallon – White
• Seals out:
• water sensitive stains • dried water stains • smoke stains and related
odors • grease, ink, and pencil stains • Quick drying • Assures uniform
appearance of topcoats
Use on these stained surfaces: • Drywall • Wood • Cured Plaster • Ceiling
Tiles • Paneling • Nonporous Wallcovering • Previously Painted surfaces


MULTIPRIME® Fast Dry VOC 335 g/l
94-258 Series
Color: Off White
PPG Pittsburgh Paints Alkyd Fast Dry 2.8 VOC Universal Primers are
corrosion inhibitive primers formulated especially to coat interior or exterior
metal surfaces to prepare for most topcoats. Uses include parts, machinery,
and other fabricated metal surfaces. May be topcoated with a variety of
finishes including epoxies, urethanes, acrylics and other alkyds. FOR METAL
Recommended Uses
Ferrous Metal
 Fully 2.8 VOC compliant
 Universal primer can be topcoated with most epoxies, alkyds, acrylics
and urethanes
 Fast drying recoat in 90 minutes (extended recoat times are required for
acrylic topcoats)
 Performance offset to Federal Standards TT-P-645, TT-P-664, TT-P-1385
 MPI category #76, Quick Drying Alkyd Metal Primer

Plasti-Kote Rust Not Spray

Tamaño: 500 ml
Industrial Rust Not está formulado para la máxima protección contra el
óxido y proporciona un acabado duradero. Penetra en la superficie del metal
para formar un enlace permanente que es resistente a los impactos y no se
pelará, se descascarará o se desvanecerá durante años. La fórmula es de
secado rápido y puede ser recubierta en cualquier momento.
Para superficies exteriores de metal
Tiempo de Secado (al tacto): 10 – 20 minutos
Rendimiento: aprox. 2.6m2